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Maryland Home Demolition is the leading home demolition contractor in Maryland area and beyond. We are a state licensed general contractor and have the proper equipment and experience for the successful completion of your Demolition Project in Maryland. We specialize in Residential Demolition projects of all types and sizes using industry-rated standards for a high-quality job. We approach every project with precision and care to provide safe and reliable demolition services. Whether you are looking to have a wall, section of the house or the entire building knocked out, we are here to help. With every work done, we attempt to recycle as much as possible of the material from the sites we work, to reduce the economic and environmental impact within our communities.

Maryland Home Demolition provides innovative, safe and cost-effective demolition solutions for your complete satisfaction. Through integrity and hard work, we continue to bring the highest quality of service and personal attention to our work. Our qualified technicians are trained to handle all residential demolition projects using a variety of techniques depending on the item required to be demolished. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations from the minute we come on the job site to the very last second as we don’t leave the job until it is done right.

Home demolition process
We understand that your property means a lot to you. Thus, we take all the necessary safety precautions to protect your site from any unwanted damage during demolition.

Free estimate
We are always free to come to the location for a free estimate and consultation and if necessary, prepare a demo plan that is laid out in an easy to understand format for your house demolition needs. Our demolition projects are meticulously planned out for each phase. We take the time to assess the situation beforehand so as to give an accurate quote and allow our demolition contractors to get ready for the job.

Maryland Home Demolition services come complete with all the necessary filings, permits and notices to make sure the demolition process is as quick and stress-free as possible.
Utility disconnects
We will assist in ensuring that all utilities are properly disconnected or terminated at the source for enhanced safety.

As your Maryland home demolition contractor, we specialize in providing excellent residential demolition services for various interior and exterior environments. We take pride in doing concrete, shed, deck, patio or foundation removal and any other part of the house you would like to see go down. We have the experience and equipment to take on any residential demolition project. No matter how difficult or how limited the access is, we guarantee to have demolition options to suit your needs and budget.

Clean up and grading
Once the demolition job is finished we clean up, then haul away the debris with our equipment and trucks. We clean up the spaces of every unwanted material and recycle as much possible. Whenever necessary, we provide grading and landscaping services to enhance the appeal of your home.

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